Wall Street Burgers

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Beef Burgers

Big Ben Burger

beef patty,onions, jalapeno, cheese slice, iceberg and wall street's special sauce

Rs 540

Beef Caramelita Burger

beef patty, cheese slice, caramelized onions, iceberg and smokey BBQ sauce

Rs 390

Ultimate Nachos Burger

beef patty, cheese slice, pepperoni, nachos, iceberg and chipotle sauce

Rs 410

The Shrooms Burger

beef patty, mushroom sauce, pepperoni, cheese slice and iceberg

Rs 430

Mashed Beef Burger

spicy beef patty topped with cheese slice, fresh onions, iceberg and fiery sauce

Rs 390

Street Ben

Rs 410

Chicken Burgers

Premium Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken fillet, buffalo grilled onions, jalapenos, tomato, iceberg and steak mayo sauce

Rs 390

Double Dip Burger ( Double patty) ( New)

Deep fried double patty chicken, tomato, iceberg and mayo

Rs 510

Grilled Fiery Chicken Burger

Grilled chicken fillet, cheese slice, green pepper, onions, mustard and special fiery sauce

Rs 390

Creamy Crunch Burger

Deep fried chicken fillet, pickles, tomato, iceberg and creamy sauce

Rs 400

Austin Powers ( Single patty) ( New)

Deep fried single patty chicken, tomato, iceberg and mayo

Rs 390

Merger Burger ( New )


Rs 510

Pizza Piker ( New )

Rs 520

Jhoney Wall Street ( New )

Rs 390

Stuffed Burgers

Hunger Wrecker Burger

Stuffed beef patty, chipotle cheddar sauce, iceberg and thousand dressing

Rs 450

Chicken Hurricane Burger

Stuffed chicken fillet, cheese slice, tomato, pickles, iceberg and garlic ranch dressing

Rs 440


Spicy Mayo Fries

Rs 220

Garlic Mayo Fries

Rs 220

B.B.Q Fries

Rs 220

Masala Fries

Rs 220



Rs 150

Gourmet Fries

Chicken (New)

Rs 240

Chicken Nuggets

6 pcs

Rs 280

Curly Fries

Rs 200

Jalapeno Poppers (5pcs)

Rs 280

Wings (6pcs)

Rs 270

Pizza Fries

Classic Pizza Fries

Rs 399

Pepperoni Pizza Fries

Rs 499

Supreme Pizza Fries

Rs 499

Beef Pizza Fries

Rs 499

BBQ Pizza Fries

Rs 499


Club Sandwich

Rs 400

Chicken Sandwich

Rs 300

Mini Burgers


Rs 260

Burger + Drink

Rs 300


Chocolate Malt Cake (Slice)

Rs 299

Kids Meal

Nuggets + Fries + Juice + Toy

Rs 350

Chicken Burger + Fries + Juice + Toy

Rs 350


Fries and Drink

Rs 180

Curly Fries and Drink

Rs 230


Brownie Shake

Rs 310

Chocolate Shake

Rs 280

Strawberry Shake

Rs 280

Vanilla Shake

Rs 280

Add Ons


Rs 40


Rs 40

Grilled Mushrooms

Rs 40

Caramelized Onions

Rs 40


Rs 40


Rs 40


Rs 40

Stuffed Chicken Extra Patty

Rs 250

Stuffed Beef Extra Patty

Rs 300

Beef Extra Patty

Rs 180

Dip Sauces

Garlic mayo, Fiery, Chipotle, Mustard, Buffalo bbq

Rs 60


Pepsi/Diet, 7up/zero, Miranda, Dew, Water

Rs 80

Chicken Extra Patty:

Rs 160

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